Business Rule Driven

Client Defined Business Rules

One Transport uses a policy and profile driven booking tool. Vehicles are allocated according to specific business rules, which are very adaptable, allowing different vehicle types to be allocated to different journeys or times for a single traveller. These rules are easily updated and ensure the right vehicle is provided for the journey, every time.

Traveller Profiles

Travellers have a specific individual profile. Once set up, this profile automatically dispatches the appropriate vehicle according to the business rules and profile, no matter who books the journey.

Traveller details are securely updated online and super users may change multiple profiles at one time, for example to implement a different vehicle policy

About One Transport

One Transport is part of the Mountview House Group, one of London’s largest and oldest taxi companies founded in 1953. Since our inception in 2006, our concept of taxi and private hire management services has revolutionised the ground transportation industry with One Transport now being one of foremost suppliers of ground transportation management in the UK.

Through providing clients a managed service, an online booking platform backed up by an experienced team in central London and a virtual fleet that covers the whole of the UK we can offer a premier service 24/7/365.

Why us?

Companies and organisations choose One Transport as their taxi management supplier because of our reputation for adaptability and innovative solutions. We work with our clients to discover and develop effective services that drive efficiencies and reduce costs.

Services can be tailored to a client's individual needs: from integrating their preferred suppliers to ensuring journeys are individually monitored by our in-vehicle GPS virtual fleet tracking system.

Our dependability and expertise in this area has been recognised by many leading companies such as the BBC, who have been using One Transport to provide full nationwide transport coverage for more than 7 years